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Solutions for PK-12 School Districts

Exchange Quality Data, Not Problems

Our mission is to enable people using different applications and systems to exchange student and staff data securely. With fewer data errors and duplicative tasks, you can rely on higher-quality data and focus on the reason you got into education in the first place: helping students succeed.

We have several ways to help:

  • District interoperability solutions that seamlessly coordinate various applications. We start with full SIF 2.x compliance and add several powerful customization options.
  • SIF agents that facilitate the exchange of information between any student information systems (SISs), Microsoft® Active Directory®, the National Transcript Center, and any other SIF-compliant system.
  • Cloud-based solutions that simplify and speed up the creation, set-up, and management of a SIF infrastructure. These have the same sophisticated security protections as our installed products but without any hardware requirements.
  • Student record and transcript exchange that improves the efficiency, reliability, cost, and security of sending your district's student records and transcripts. Eight (and counting!) statewide contracts extend special benefits to districts in those states.
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