Account Management Made Easy

CloudConnect simplifies and speeds up the set-up, creation, and management of your student and staff accounts within Microsoft® Live@edu or Google Apps™ for Education.

CloudConnect can work alone in the cloud or in conjunction with your existing Microsoft Active Directory and SIFWorks Directory Manager. This way, you can exchange student and staff records with Live@edu or Google Apps and easily take advantage of the automated provisioning and real-time synchronization of accounts — all while using your existing student information system.

As students and staff move in and out of a district or transfer between schools or as student or staff data is updated in the SIS CloudConnect automatically provisions, deprovisions or updates their Live@edu or Google Apps account to reflect the correct account names and group memberships. It also provides automated support for permitting access based on their Acceptable Use Policy Status.

In other words, it is no longer necessary to set up and configure Live@edu or Google Apps user accounts individually for new or existing students or staff. This greatly simplifies administrative updates and maintenance needs, freeing up time and valuable IT resources.

CloudConnect Benefits

  • Significant cost savings — Using provisioned instead of traditional offerings reduces the time spent on maintenance and updates of email and Live@edu or Google Apps.
  • Synchronized Sign-on — Because credentials are based on Active Directory usernames and passwords, users can access their account with the same username and password.
  • Provisioning Groups — Live@edu and Google Apps allow the formation of one or more groups within accounts. These data can change often, making automation all the more valuable. For example, manually configuring an email group for all students in a particular science class would change several times during the year. CloudConnect can automatically assign accounts to user-defined groups, and the groups are updated any time the data in the SIS change. Groups can be defined by the schools, courses, classes, and graduation year settings in the SIS and are updated in real time.
  • Scalability — A single CloudConnect application can support individual schools, entire districts, or even statewide implementations.
  • Customizable — CloudConnect can be configured to handle each school's data differently within a district zone, allowing each school to maintain individual control of how accounts, permissions, and password policies are applied. Staff and student accounts can also be managed separately, providing maximum flexibility.

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